giveaway bc I have too much stuff and not enough space


  • don’t have to be following me (would be nice if you were though)
  • reblog once
  • must be willing to give me your FC
  • ends tomorrow bc i want this shit gone
  • person will be picked by random number generator 


  • 2 Black Roses
  • Ice Series
  • *Egg Clock, Egg Wallpaper, Egg TV, Egg Dresser, Egg Toy Set, Egg Stereo, Zipper’s Picture(x3)
  • All my cherries
  • *19 Candies
  • Balloon Vanity, Balloon Clock, Balloon Lamp, Balloon Wall, Balloon Table, Balloon Hat
  • Samgyetang
  • Kadomatsu
  • Tea Vase
  • Kagamimochi
  • *Deer Scare
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Anything you want that is in front of my Train Station

Reminder that this ends today in 40 minutes ( It’s 12:20 PM - EST )